Welcome to Adventures of a Single Jenn!

As most of you know, I started this blog when my boyfriend broke up with me. Now that he is in the past, I went to move forward.While my boyfriend and I were together, we started a relationship bucket list in my favorite scrapbook.

I’m completing the list with friends, family, or myself. I may use some of the activities on the bucket list with a guy I may be dating. This is my list and I’ll complete it the way I want.

At the start of the New Year come a brand new Jenn and a brand new blog. A Jenn that is happy, a Jenn that is positive, a blog that is filled with positivity and light the way Jenn is now filled with positivity and light.

No one can appreciate the light without a little bit of darkness. Taking one day at a time is the only thing I can do.

Life is Good. God is Good. I’m a Survivor. You’re a Survivor.

We are all Fighters. Cheers to the Fighter Within…


Week 3: Bikini Series

Bikini Series 2016 Goals

  • To Lose 5 pounds
    • Who: I will lose five pounds by the end of the Tone It Up’s Bikini Series challenge for 2016.
    • What:
      1. I will lose 5 pounds by having a solid workout schedule for each week during the challenge.
      2. I will post my workout schedule to Instagram and to my Tone It Up Philly girls on the GroupMe app.
      3. I will check in with my Tone It Up accountability buddies, Tamara and Stephanie, on Instagram after every workout.
      4. I will eat lean clean green foods that are Tone It Up approved by following the Bikini Series meal plan.
    •  When:
      1. I will work out everyday, with one day being an active rest day.
      2. I will work out Saturday and Sunday mornings before my day’s activities begin.
    •  Where:
      1. I will workout outside by running or doing any HIIT routine from Tone It Up that involves body weight.
      2. I will workout at my gym before work every morning.
    •  Why:
      1. I want to lose five pounds because I’m sick of sucking in the stomach in my bikini.
      2. I’m also sick of my muffin top.
        1. Shape Magazine reports that carrying excess belly fat around the abdominal area links to multiple health risks, such as
        2. Type 2 diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure and some cancers.
          1. Although this is more related to Visceral fat, dementia is the number one reason I want to lose the belly fat.
        3. I also want to rock a crop top with confidence the way I want to rock a bikini with confidence. Yes this is superficial, but come on? Who wouldn’t want to make your ex jealous of how good you look?
    • How:
      • How will I lose 5 pounds? By doing all of the above! And I would love your help in making me stay accountable! Become my accountability buddy here!

I also started adopting Meatless Mondays as well! I have been feeling great and maybe after the challenge, I’ll do more days that are meatless! My favorite meatless meal comes from Mom’s Organic Market in Rosemont! Kale Caesar Salad!

I also started logging my meals using My Fitness Pal as well. I used it before, off and on, but now I’m trying to log daily. If you use it, I’d love to be friends and keep each other accountable!

Please join me in 2016 Bikini Series and we can be virtual accountability buddies!

Anyone else doing Tone It Up’s bikini series?!

Follow my journey to a fitter life!


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn

Bikini Series 2016

As most of you, I’m a Tone It Up girl. On Sunday, April 24th starts the Bikini Series. The Bikini Series is an 8 week fitness challenge that includes daily workouts, motivation form the TIUteam, weekly prizes, and a GRAND trip to Turks and Caicos! My first challenge with them was the 2015 Love Your Body challenge.

I was never someone who solely committed to a challenge or a meal plan; however I’m challenging myself to do this challenge wholeheartedly.

I remember the last time we meet as a group to celebrate the completion of the 8 week New Year challenge as Seasons 52 in King of Prussia. Seasons 52 is a seasonal farm to table restaurant and is very good! We had a rather large group of girls, so reservations are definitely recommended. The service was excellent! The waiters didn’t mess up anything. Everything came out on time and with us, TIUgirls, you know the wine was freely flowing.

My friend, Stephanie, signed up for the Bikini Series as well. Tone It Up normally puts together bundles when a new challenge starts. This is how I became a TIUmember. For $200 I got a lifetime membership with access to the nutrition plans, including the Frisky Fall plan, Holiday Hustle plan, Love Your Body plan, and the Bikini Series plan. I also received numerous amounts of fitness and beauty videos and pdf files. I received compression socks, lip balm, keychain, and an 8 week bikini journal. The journal was to help me write down my meals, but that didn’t last long.

I met a lot of TIUphilly girls, but some I still have yet to meet. They are probably the most supportive understanding group of women I know. I have my best friends who I made lifelong connections with; yet when I need quick words of encouragement I can just hop on Group Me and talk to 82 like minded fitness enthusiasts.

I feel protective of these women; even though I do not know all of them. They are the most encouraging, friendliest, and supportive bunch of women I know!

I’m excited for the Spring weather to finally come through, to start and finish this challenge with all that I have and give it all that I can, and after the 8 weeks celebrate with my TIUgirls on finishing the challenge! Who knows? We may celebrate the end of the challenge by a picnic by a lake with wine bottles galore…

All I can think about is picnic by the lake, a bottle of wine in hand, chewing on a nice Pink Lady apple….


Follow me while I complete the Bikini Series!

What are you excited for now that Spring is coming through the area?



As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn