Wasted Money

I’m so upset! I had to spend $36 to the Philadelphia Parking Authority because my car did not fully leave the spot even though the picture is my car backing out of the spot! I wouldn’t have cared if it was my fault because I would have accept the responsibility of my mistake. However, I was working and subbing for my coworker. It was a new client who lived in the Philadelphia region. We were leaving for home and 2 weeks later I got the ticket. I was so upset when I opened it and more upset when I paid it because my work would not pay for it! Well… no more of that nonsense.

Good news is that I signed up for a Fall Art Canvas Painting that is being hosted at a local painting studio near me. It is the night of October 20th and I’m so excited! I’m excited for tonight to get drinks with a friend at Tavola restaurant at Springfield Country Club! Photos uploaded tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!


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