Last Night at Tavalo at the Springfield Country Club

It was so much fun! I met my friend, Neal, there and it was great hanging out with him and catching up. Besides him, I did not talk to any other guys. This is a great step in the healing process because I need to get over my ex boyfriend first before talking to any guys. If not, I’ll be comparing the conversation and behavior to that of the guy I’m talking to to that of Chris’, who is my ex boyfriend.

I went there straight from work at my client’s house, so I arrived around 6:40pm. I had a couple glasses of wine and order chipotle chicken pizza, which was so good! The crowd was mixed. There were older couples and younger couples there. Families having dinner there, girlfriends out for a girl’s night, couples meeting up with other couples- it was a very classy and sophisticated place. I’d go there again in a heartbeat!

Below is a selfie I took with my new iPhone 5S before going off for work!

A selfie before heading off for work
A selfie before heading off for work

The place was huge! There is the Springfield Country Club and the rooms where they hold various types of ceremonies. There is a Marriott Hotel that was added to the property a couple years ago. Obviously, the golf course and the Tavalo outdoor restaurant, which also has an indoor section as well.

We sat outside near the Firepit, which was so cool. I felt I was at an outdoor party. We talked and met so many nice people. When we arrived, there was two or three married couples having dinner. After they left, about seven women sat near the firepit and we were told it was “Mom’s Night Out” and a party of about 12 to 15 people came. It looked like mother and daughter get together night where probably three or four families came out. They all looked like they knew each other. Below is a picture of the firepit.

Picture of the firepit
Picture of the fire pit

I’d go there again, but I’m not sure if I’d go back during the winter time. I’d go back in the winter time when the outdoor section is closed just to see what it’s like and to experience the restaurant in a different season. Overall, it was a great night being able to catch up with an old friend and meeting new people while experiencing new food at a new restaurant.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Selfie during dinner at Tavalo restaurant at Springfield Country Club last night
Selfie during dinner at Tavalo restaurant at Springfield Country Club last night

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