Becoming a Woman of God

I pray to God on a regular basis. I try to get involve in as most religious activity as possible, no matter what church it is. When praying to God when needing prayer requests for me, my family, or love ones, I always ask God to show me signs in my prayer requests and He does.

Before I met Chris, He showed me signs about the man I was going to meet in my future. After the break up, He showed me signs that Chris would come back into my life (I think and hope) when the time is right. Some of the signs are talking to people, listening to music/radio, or driving around in my car. I asked God to show me the various signs these way because this is what I do most often.

Last Friday, I was working with my client who listens to 94.5 FM, which is a radio station in Lancaster, PA. The Revive Our Hearts radio program was on and they were talking about becoming of woman of discernment. They were comparing Proverbs 7 and Proverbs 31. The radio host then says this “Lust only lasts until morning. Love lasts through fire, through water, through floods, through danger, through better and worse and sickness and health. Love never fails.”  

I was Chris’ first girlfriend, I was his first love, I was the only woman (besides his family) that met his family including his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I even attended his grandfather’s funeral. My grandmother and I are very close. She was the first to meet Chris. After she heard of the break-up, she told me ‘I have a feeling he will come back in your life’. She’s always been right and she never let me down. After hearing that, I know and pray that God will bring Chris back into my life. I waited 3 years to meet him; I can wait another three.


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