Tabe for 1

I had dinner for the first time last night at Not Your Average Joe’s in Ardmore. It was quite an experience. Tip: Make a reservation. If not, you’re looking at a 40+ minute wait for a table. My waiter was really nice. When I arrived there, I was sitting next to a family, but when they left not even 10 minutes went by when a party just took the tabe over without asking the hostess.

The menu is seasonal, so everything on the menu from the veggies to the drinks are in season. I ordered the Cider Glaze Chicken Kabob, which was very good! I like to treat myself to dinner at a restaurant that I’ve never been too. I do that so I can complete my progress notes for work while trying out new food at different restaurants. Meeting new people isn’t bad either!

The party next to me offered to buy me a drink, which was very nice of them. I ordered the harvest sangria, which was very tasty and well mixed. Scott, whose birthday they were celebrating, talked about the happenings in his life. It was great hearing his life story. He loves being a dad to his son and you feel the love when he talks about his past and his son. He thought I was being stood up, but I wasn’t. Honestly, I’m over dating and men in general. I feel like it’s all games and I’m sick being a pawn.

However, I’m good being single for the time being. If my ex comes back into my life then it was true love. If not, I’ll be fine with it somehow.

IMG_0155 (1)
Cider Glazed Chicken Kabob

Pictures from last night:

Harvest Sangria
Harvest Sangria

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