Dreaming in Color

I’ve always dreamed in color. I’ve always had vivid dreams to the point they are more like visions. I don’t get them a lot, but when I do get them I always remember them. Sometimes, I’m afraid to figure out what the dreams and the colors mean.

Dream 1: The dream involved my parents being dismembered by a witch and stashed in mason jars in our garage at our old house. This was a black and white dream with lots of grey! According to Joshua Media Ministries (http://www.joshuamediaministries.org/dreams/colors), dreaming in black, “When dreaming of the color black the bible describes this color as being the presence and secret place of the Father. It also shows this color as being ‘comely ‘as in lovely or beautiful.” Dreaming in white, “When dreaming of the color white the bible describes this color as being refined, righteous and heavenly.” Dreaming in grey, “When dreaming of the color gray the bible describes this as dignity and honor.”

Dream 2: This dream was very cartoon like and animated. There were light blues, whites, and light yellows that were highlighted throughout the dream. It took place in Canada during World War II. I remember I was in high school when I had this dream. In the dream, I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was playing a video game with a friend of mine. The video game involved flying helicopters, the ones you would see in The Jetsons, being flown by bugs bunny like rabbits. We were flying over a lake filled with fish that would try to fly through you and if they did, you died. I honestly don’t know the reason why I had this dream. Dreaming in blue, “When dreaming of the color blue the bible describes this color as being one of the royal and heavenly colors. It also illustrates in the bible that the Lord told Israel to bid which means to put on the fringes of their clothing a blue cord to remember His commandments. The bible also refers the color blue as being God’s spirit or word.” Dreaming in yellow, “When dreaming of the color yellow the bible describes this color as having a spirit of wisdom and the Glory of God.”

Dream 3: Came from I was dating my ex and I’d rather not say what the dream is as of yet. The dream is very personal to me as it was more of a vision than a dream. However, the color that was highlighted in this dream was purple, a violet type purple. Violet dreams mark the union of the soul with body, mind and divine consciousness.

Dream 4: I had this dream on Friday night, 10/16/15. The dream involved the ex, his best friend, and his sister. The dream also involved 2 people that I do not know, but I know exactly what he looked like. The man was older probably around mid 60’s and his son who was looked around 27-29 years old. They were both pretty fit and looked like they were carrying a surfboard or skateboard. I couldn’t tell. Both men were tall and good looking. The older man was asking about my personal life and said don’t worry, it’ll be ok. I had a friend there with me, but did not recognize the friend. I believe the men were relatives of her. He looked like an older Sean Connery, but did not see the face of his son; however his son smiled at me and he had a pretty smile. The colors in this dream were baby blue and white. “The bible also refers the color blue as being God’s spirit or word”. (Joshua Media Ministries) Shortly after, I felt someone trying to come into my bed . It was the weirdest thing. That’s when I saw the ex, his best friend, and his sister. The sister had a friend over who was a tall big boned black lady who reminded me of Sherri Shepherd. She was very nice and was wearing blue jeans and a red quarter length shirt. “Dreaming of red is about activation, physicality, passion and intensity.  Consider the deep blood red that runs through our veins. Life-affirming, flowing, and activating our energy on a very base, physical level. Red is the root that runs through our psyche. It speaks to us of dormant power. Consider fire. It requires an igniting action. The capability of fire is all around us, but it takes a spark to release the power. The red hot energy is always there, just under the surface. What provokes its resurfacing is key.”  (http://www.whats-your-sign.com/color-meanings-in-dreams.html)

Dreams reflect a deeper meaning in our lives and may be God trying to tell us something. Have you ever had a crazy bizarre dream? What do you think it means?


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