Relationships… part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships today. Whether it is a friendship relationship,romantic relationship, or a relationship with family members; they are all hard to maintain unless everyone is on the same page.

Communication is key to having a great supportive relationship with anyone. No one is a mind reader, but many times people do not know how to appropriately communicate with one another. I’ve been trained in CAREfrontation where two or more people who have a conflict inform the other parties what they feel using “I feel…” statements rather than saying “you did this…”. Using the word “you” is very negative and makes the other party even more angry than before. It’s super hard to only use I feel statements during a confrontation, but the problem will get resolved fairly quick.

I always use CAREfrontation when I’m talking to my friends, family, and anyone from my past. However, what really upset me when using I feel statements when trying to find a solution to the problem, is that the other party doesn’t care about your feelings and they use the I feel statements against you. For once, I wish people would man up and realize talking about emotions/feelings can help the relationship in the long run.

I love using CAREfrontation and I’m so glad I was trained in it because I’m more at peace with my feelings and understand where my emotions are coming. I’m such a huge introspector where I examine my own feelings. Being an introspector allowed me to become who I am today and I’m only going to get better! I know how I’m feeling and why I feel it. However, when new problems or situations arise I become sidetracked for a while because it is a new feeling and I need to understand why I’m feeling it.

I’m a huge yogi, which means I practice yoga. I practice yoga twice a week and it literally saved my life. This is why I want to become a yoga teacher. Practicing yoga allows me to become a better introspector because it quiets my mind and allows me to control the environment around me. Writing this post definitely helped me relax.

There are so many things that can hurt or help a relationship and communication is one. I believe finance and being able to manage money is another one. What are ways you can become a better communicator? For me, it’s finding ways to express emotions better.


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