Relationships, Finances, and Support… part 3

This is a the third and last part about how to have a great relationship whether it be with your family, friends, or romantic relationships. I’m no expert in relationships, but God gave me enough life experience to understand what three things are needed to have a great relationships with another person.

As I wrote in a previous post, I’m the Cory to many Shawns in my life. I’m the rock that people lean on for support. Therefore to have a successful relationships with another person, I believe you need great communication skills, being able to manage your finances, and show your support and appreciation for that person. Communication skills will help you and the other person become closer, find commonalities, and show your support for that person. Being able to manage your finances will not only allow you to have a stress free life, but can help you and the other person go out on mother/daughter mani/pedis, girl’s night out with friends, or a nice romantic dinner with a date. I love Luke Bryan. There is a Luke Bryan song called ‘Suntan City‘ where the lyrics say “I gotta buddy who blew all his money, and he had to stay his broke-ass home, He’s been goin’ crazy, blowin’ up my phone Wantin’ to know whats goin’ on.” No one wants to be that friend!

Now showing support and appreciation… This I thought I was good at; however the ex said I wasn’t, which did not make any sense. Showing support for others is the thing I know, but is showing support and appreciation the same thing? I think showing appreciation is the same thing as having manners, which everyone in my life has. Some words of appreciation is saying ‘thank you’, ‘you’re great!’, ‘thanks for being you’, ‘that’s so thoughtful!’, ‘that was very kind of you’, or ‘thank you for being there during this difficult time’. Words of appreciation are endless and can be whatever the personality of the person is. As long as it is nice and appropriate.

Showing support to others is the same as being a friend. If you truly love that person, you’d support them in any way possible. Some ways to show support is to believe in them with all your heart and show them that. Encourage them to be their best and ask them if they need any help in their life. Whether that be in their personal life, their career life, or their family life; tell them you will always be there. This can mean babysitting their children for a much needed date night, attending a funeral of a family member close to them, or sending a card of motivation as a reminder. More ways to show support is to spend time with them, acknowledge them, challenge them, and to tell them the truth.

There are ways that I show support to others, which is to tell them the truth, spending time with them, being a good role model, encouraging them to be their best, but the number one thing I show my support is to expect a lot from that person. I’m in the helping career for a reason and if someone tries to tell me that I don’t show support or appreciation; they must be joking.

For all my life, I expected a lot from those around me. I was disappointed more times than I can count. I was told to stop expecting too much from others because you’ll be disappointed in the results. However, I will never stop expecting a lot from others because I know they can arise to the challenge; only if they believe in themselves. The same is true about self-confidence. In order to believe in yourself you have to also have self-confidence in yourself. If you don’t, you cannot and will not be able to arise to the challenge.

I was friends with and girlfriends of others who did not believe in themselves and therefore, did not have any self-confidence. After the relationship ended, I would be left wondering why it ended. After a lot of introspection, I knew they needed to work on themselves on their self-confidence so they can believe in themselves. When you believe in yourself, you are confident in yourself and trust me, people notice others who exude confidence.

There will be time when you feel down and out, but trust me you’ll always be that strong person who can kick ass anyday. Your beauty shines through when you exude confidence, so get out there and kick ass!

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