How Sarcastic Girls Love

Every morning, I check my e-mail, my Facebook, my Twitter, and my Instagram. Yes, it that order. On Facebook this morning, one of my friends shared a link to a article named “7 Ways a Girl with the Big Heart, but Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently.” This describe me to a t! Now my last post “We Hurt the Ones We Love the Most” explains being sarcastic is a form of aggression. After the reading the article, it described me, but how can one person stop being something that comes so natural to them?

I’m an anomalous person, which is an adjective for not fitting into a common or familiar type. I didn’t realize that was too much to handle when dealing with other people. My best friend, Katie, told me that she loved the way that I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I am who I am and the only person I know who to be is myself. I’m not going to apologize for being me. I’m not going to apologize for all the pain, the struggles, the hurt I went through that made me put that front up in order to protect me heart.

Let me tell you the seven ways the sarcastic girls with big hearts love according to the article.

  1. She’s bold with her words…
    1. I’m blunt. I say what other people are thinking without any thought (most of the time). I became better thinking before speaking. I’m still working on that, but everyone is a work in progress. Nobody is perfect.
  2. But she’s gentle with her actions.
    1. I’m bold with my words, I’m direct with my actions, and I can be rough around the edges. However, my heart melts with any type of romantic or friendly gesture.
  3. She may seem indifferent…
    1. Again the ‘putting up the front thing’ is what hurts me the most. I’m just sick of being hurt.
  4. Because she’s secretly a hopeless romantic.
    1. This is 100% true about me. Giving gifts during Christmas or a birthday is so exciting for me. I love seeing the recipient’s face after they open the gift!
  5. She puts up a front, but she lets her guard down quickly.
    1. I do let me guard down quickly, but I’m still wary about talk about the future because I’m scared of what will happen in the future if that person is now there.
  6. She’s a total badass but she’s actually really sensitive too
    1. I love those little romantic gestures and surprises.
  7. She won’t waste her time if she isn’t sure about you
    1. I don’t waste time on dating someone just to date them. I like to cut to the chase and not waste anyone’s time.

When I was single for three years I wrote what I want in a future husband. This is what I wrote:


I want a love that is timeless, a love that crosses borders, sails oceans; a love that knows no boundaries. I want a love that isn’t afraid, either of the past, present, or future, but is humble enough to tread lightly within their realms. It shows trust, loyalty, and honesty. A love that takes risks and knows that life is not complete without them. I want a love that is alive, a love that hurts so bad, I thank God everyday it found me. A love that is enduring, so forceful it leaves others speechless. I want a love that allows me to be me and accepts everything about me from my unhealthy obsession with Disney, an ever growing snow globe collection, a love for travel and a need for independence from time to time. I want a love to be my anchor, but never weigh me down. I want a love that respects Mother Earth and my fear for its future. A love that helps me accepts that fear while spreading much needed information to others. I want a love that shares my passions, not only for Mother Earth, but for animals and special needs children and adults as well. I want a love where its’ drive and determination is fueled by a passion so powerful it leaves a legacy wherever it may go. I want a love that is comfortable enough to know when to stand up for what is right, but also knows when to walk away when needed. A love that isn’t a pushover, but delivers results when they say it will. I want a love that sweeps me off my feet and takes my breath away with just one look.

I thought I found that, but I will never know unless this type of love comes back. How you ever thought of what type of love do you want in a future husband or wife?


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