Run a 5K

I found the 5K that I will sign up when the information is available. After a couple months thinking about what I really want to train for and raise money for, I thought about what I wanted to do as a career. I want to work with women trying to find their beauty inside and out. What better way to do that then to participate in the Divas Half Marathon and 5K Series!

It will be September 2016 and the date is to be determined, so I will continue checking every other week until the date is set. Once registration is open, I want to be one of the first to sign up. It’ll be in DC’s Wine Country in Virginia. Two of my girlfriends live there and will try to get them to do the 5K with me as well.


This is me today. I’m 144.5 pounds. I do a lot of walking and go to yoga twice weekly. I’m also a member of the Tone It Up nutrition plan. I will be training with Coach to 5K in order to prepare for my first ever 5K race. I will post weekly updates on my progress. As soon as the date for 2016 is posted on the website is when I’ll start training. I already downloaded C25K app on my phone!

I can’t wait to start this journey of becoming fit, fierce, and fab!


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