Welcome to Adventures of a Single Jenn!

As most of you know, I started this blog when my boyfriend broke up with me. Now that he is in the past, I went to move forward.While my boyfriend and I were together, we started a relationship bucket list in my favorite scrapbook.

I’m completing the list with friends, family, or myself. I may use some of the activities on the bucket list with a guy I may be dating. This is my list and I’ll complete it the way I want.

At the start of the New Year come a brand new Jenn and a brand new blog. A Jenn that is happy, a Jenn that is positive, a blog that is filled with positivity and light the way Jenn is now filled with positivity and light.

No one can appreciate the light without a little bit of darkness. Taking one day at a time is the only thing I can do.

Life is Good. God is Good. I’m a Survivor. You’re a Survivor.

We are all Fighters. Cheers to the Fighter Within…



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