Women and Society

I was posting my workout to my instagram and needed a quote to complete my post. I found the quote from Mohadesa Najumi, which is “The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” That got me thinking. Why would she be the most feared individual on the planet? Who is Mohadesa Najumi and when does anyone need validation?

Of course, being me I started researching the quote and the story behind it. Mohadesa Najumi is a young British Afghan woman based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is a prominent women’s right blogger and her ‘infamous’ validation quote has been shared across the globe. She is an educated woman having two degrees in the Social Sciences.

So I wanted to break down the word ‘validation’, which is why I went to dictionary.com for some inspiration. Validation is a verb meaning to give legal force to, to legalize. Some synonyms are authenticate, acceptance, approval. Very interesting that all these words begin with the letter ‘a’. ‘A’ being the first letter of the English alphabet, in school we sit in alphabetical order with ‘a’ being first, and in our school grading system ‘a’ is awarded for exceptional work.

So how did this quote became infamous almost overnight? What is the big deal about this quote? The big deal is society. It’s society that can’t deal with the 21st century. Girls from a very young age are bullied by mass media to fit an ideal image. Girls who turn into young adults with careers of their own are bullied in the workplace by male counterparts for no apparent reason; the gender wage gap. Studies shows, women make $0.79 on every $1.00 men make. That’s a difference of $.021! I’m trying to do the math to show the difference of how much of a negative that is, but my math skills aren’t the best. Women exist only to serve their husband, her children, and to be the emotional mess society likes women to be.

The woman who does not need validation is the most feared individual of the word because of their confidence, especially if they are in an authoritary role. The woman is no longer in a traditional gender role, which scares the nonsense out of the world. For the woman who does not fit into the mold of what a woman should be is termed ‘feisty’ or a lesbian. Just look at Hillary Clinton. She can’t receive respect from the world and is defined through her husband. However, if she wasn’t married the world would wonder if she is a lesbian.

In all honesty, society is trying to keep women down for so long and it needs to stop. I’m a woman and for the longest time people would tell me I’m intimidating. I wasn’t in their mind when they called me that, but they most likely saw the ‘I don’t care, think what you what’ look on my face. I’ve always been confident and never showed my emotions.

Society needs to realize women need to work to earn an income for their families’. This isn’t and cannot be a one paycheck society anymore where the men goes off to work and the women take care of the house. Stop trying to mold us into something we are not. We are smart, educated, ambitious women who can take care of a family while taking care of a company. Emotions get the best of people, not just women, and until all men look like Calvin Klein models, don’t expect all women to look like Victoria Secrets models. Please don’t try to fix what is not broken and remember the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’…?


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