What Love is to Me

I had many people come into my life and some of them are still in my life, but some left my life for reasons only God knows. For those still in my life, I noticed certain common traits they have in regards to our relationship. Whether the relationship is family, friends, romantic, work related, or a passing acquaintances the traits are the same.

  • Support
  • Appreciation
  • They accept me for who I am and they don’t try to change me.
  • Love me no matter the condition/relationship
  • They want to know more about me.
  • They accept my sense of humor and sarcasm.
  • They accept my undying love for Country music and accepts the fact I listen to Christian music when I’m start to get anxious.
  • They allow me to be alone and process any thoughts needed so I understand my next step. Without any questions needed
  • They accept my apologies, my support, my appreciation, my manners without having me explain myself.
  • They support any goals I have when it comes to bettering myself.
  • They accept my past, present, and wish the best for me for my future.
  • They know my passions and if they don’t, they ask. They understand most passions involve work and they accept my work ethic.
  • They want to hang out with me and spend their free time with me.
  • For the friends and family who live out of state, they travel to see me whenever their budget allows.
  • They reach out to me whenever possible. Even if they live a few states away or around the corner. I can alway expect a friendly text every so often.
  • Most of all, they accept my religious beliefs, my lifestyle, and how God, His son, and their Church are the for front of my life. In return, I accept them for who they are. Everyone is God’s children and we all deserve respect and dignity. I do not know what type of cross they carry.

I hope everyone has a person in their life that loves them unconditionally in their own way. As the way the people in my life love me unconditionally, what traits have you noticed from the people in your life who love you unconditionally?


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