An Open Love Letter to All

“You must always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -Christopher Robins

You are beautiful, even with no makeup on. You are stronger than yesterday. God was just testing you. You are happy and even though you have your days where it is hard to get out of bed and go to work, you know if you lost it, your world would come crumbling down. You think about going back to the days of drinking and smoking day in and day out. Don’t. You deserve better than that. You didn’t fight to make yourself a better human being just to go back down that rocky road. You are not a failure. You just found 100 millions ways that didn’t work. You deserve the world, now you just have to find that one special someone who will give it to you. You deserve undying support from all in your life. You go out on a limb for a complete stranger, at least the company around you should do the same. You expect a lot from people because you know they can rise up to the occasion, don’t become jaded when more than one person breaks your heart. It happens. It’s life and people will come and go when they please and when they realize you are no longer in their corner supporting them, that’s when they realize they fucked up.  You are an inspiration to all. You carry a cross with you since the day you were born. That’s why you treat people with the utmost respect and dignity. I’m sorry if they do not treat you the same. You still deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. That’s why you’re an inspiration to all because you can deal with the bullshit and you don’t think twice about it. You are confident beyond words. You do have those days where insecurity gets the best of you, but you lace up those boots and remind yourself that this day is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. You know your self-worth and will not be belittled by anyone. You do not need validation as you already know that God has a plan for your life and you know this is exactly where you need to be. You are smarter than you know. I don’t think you realize how smart you are! During your darkest days, you know your life is worth it. Shit would hit the fan if anything happened to you! You know you can motivate yourself into going to the gym and eating healthy because you know it makes you feel better about yourself. You trusted the wrong people, you gave your heart to the wrong people, and they ended up hurting you time and time again. That’s ok. You can forgive them and pray for them. That’s what you do. Realize not everyone will be an untrustworthy asshole in the end. You do forgive, but you never forget. The only person who can heal your broken heart is God. He did it multiple times and He’s not done yet. You are an extrovert who loves to meet new people. Realize those people came into your life for a reason. You know how to put a smile on your face when your insides are dying. To the brokenhearted, smiling through the tears who thinks they can’t do this anymore, you can. You are a princess. God will bring you a prince in due time. Just keep your head up, no matter how hard it is. Just keep moving forward with your life, even if you’re still smiling through the tears…


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