Self-Image is Self-Love

You put your trust in the one person you thought would never hurt you, but ended up hurting you anyways. Because you think you been down this road one too many times that you get used to it. Because you think you don’t deserve love because everyone close to you ran…Trust me when I tell you you’re wrong. You deserve love, you deserve to heal, you deserve the world.

I’ve been where you are. With every heartache, with every back turned, with every broken promise you swear you will never date again, will never find your happy ending, will never heal until magically one day you wake up and your heart is together in one solid piece. It will take time, but one day will feel like yesterday.

What you do during the healing process makes all the difference in the world. I’ll be the first to admit I neglected personal habits of mine because I cried myself to exhaustion. I would maybe take a shower every other day, not wash my face at night, drink too many on a night out, skip your daily gym ritual in place of other plans. There’s so many to name.  My vice when getting over a break up is alcohol. If I allowed myself I would drink myself silly night after night. However, alcoholism runs in my family and I’m deathly afraid of becoming my father.

Don’t neglict taking care of yourself. No one else will take care of you. I’m still working on taking care of myself and getting back into your regular routine. It’s hard to go back into your regular routine when that one person who was part of that routine is no longer involved. I’m proud of that progress I made over the past weeks. I got back into my regular sleeping routine, back into my regular gym routine, but still working on my weekend behavior.

I would wake up raring to go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not anymore. I want to stay in bed as long as possible because I got used to him waking up next to me. Instead of going to the gym, I’d get ready to meet up with friends to start drinking. I mean it’s ok drinking with friends instead of drinking by yourself, right? Yeah… No that’s not how it goes.

I’m currently battling a bad virus, so I haven’t been sticking to my morning gym routine. However, I would go to the gym after work. So gym routine during the week is down, sleeping routine is down, now just got to work on my weekend behavior and habits. Sunday I work so I really only need to work on my Friday night and Saturday behavior.

As long as I’m working on myself, you continue working on you. Put your make up on, lace up those boots, and keep smiling through the tears. A smile  is not complete without your lipstick. As always I’m here for you cheering you on. I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.


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