Love Me for My Past

I don’t want a love who falls in love with me in the present. Who I am today will not be who I am tomorrow as I try to be a better person each and every day. I want someone to fall in love with my past, with my scars, and with all the tears cried out of heartache; heartache from family, from friends, from passing strangers.

My past formed who I am today, shaped my present, and is a lesson for my future. However, I cannot predict who I will be in the future, but I know who holds the keys to my future. I’m trying to trust in Him 100% that all my tomorrows ahead of me will be filled with love, happiness, and positivity. Today is a stepping stone to my tomorrows and I can better my tomorrows by the habits and rituals I have presently.

By going to church and praying to God to give me strength, to heal my heart, and to take away any anger that only God knows I still have in my heart. By going on walks around my neighborhood so I can see and experience the beauty of nature. By going to yoga on those early mornings when the rest of the world is still sleeping so I can heal mentally, emotionally, and internally. Who I surround myself will and always be positive and happy people who are invested in my well being. When I suspect anything less, they will be out of my life that very second.

Fall in love with my past and you’ll have my future. If you accept my past, love my scars, and want to better my future I’ll be yours forever.


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