Week 1 Check In: Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Everything Healthy

Last month, I finally got back into the groove of working out and going to the gym. I’m glad I was able to in such a short time. It took me forever to adapt a routine that works with my sleeping patterns and work life. This month I’m doing a 30 day challenge which is called #Planksgiving 30 day challenge. I heard about it through my instagram and now I decided to do it. This 30 day challenge is a way to a better you through planking (exercise) and thanking your body you inhabit.

I’m a subscriber of Shape magazine. They say the best time of the day to weigh yourself is on Wednesday mornings. A lot of people cheat on their diet on weekends and treat themselves to a glass a wine, beer, or a type of mix drink. Wednesdays are great to weigh yourself because they found it was more consistent with the true weight of the individual. The alcohol and excess food intake evened out during the first two work weekdays.

I weighed myself Wednesday morning and did not lose weight. I wasn’t mad at all. I’m sick, which could affect my weight. I haven’t been sticking to my regular gym routine because I’m sick. Yet, I’m okay with not losing weight at all. I’m still proud of all the progress I’ve made with myself and it can only get better from here.

I felt so pretty, which is why I took this picture. Picture was November 2nd
I felt so pretty, which is why I took this picture.
Picture taken November 2nd

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