New Friends, New Emotions

Technology is a great thing. Especially Facebook. I met a friend at Preston and Steve’s blood drive this past June and we hung out for the first time this past Saturday. She found me on Facebook and messaged me. After a night of messaging, we made plans to hang out with each other that upcoming weekend.

Meetup is an awesome thing too. Thanks you whoever invented it. I met another girlfriend of mine from a Meetup event. It was a Monday night at the King of Prussia’s Fox and Hound. There wasn’t a lot of age appropriate people who attended, so she ended up talking to me and my friend, Allison. Allison I’ve known since 7th grade and she is one of my bestest friends.

The three of us started making plans and hanging out immediately. Having funs close by makes the grieving process so much easier. I’m not doing things on my own anymore and can call up any of these friends when I need to shoulder to cry on. God is truly sending me the girlfriends I need. He sees me cry, He sees me wonder out loud why he came into my life, He sees me at my worst when my back is up against the wall begging to take away the pain.

My out of state friends check in with me once every other week. I text them almost daily and they know what’s going on with me. I have three out of state friends I can count on and they will always be for me as I for them. I’m so glad God made them my friends.

I never had a support system like this and it feels great. I’ve had friends who came into my life who is no longer in my life, I had friends who were extremely toxic, I had friends who didn’t make me a better person and at the same time I had great friends who wanted nothing but the best for me and made me want to become a better person.

For the first time in my life I have wonderful friends who want nothing but the best for me, who support me in anyway possible, who are positive and optimistic in life. These are the type of people I want to be around. Nothing but peace signs and glitter…


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