What Makes Me Happy

Kisses on the forehead ♥ Sunny weather where you can sit on the porch enjoying a nice cup of coffee while the rest of the world is sleeping ♥ On chilly mornings being the first to awake to the smell of coffee brewing and climbing back into bed under the warm covers to enjoy it ♥ Coffeehouse Conversations ♥ Fall days where the sun is shining and driving around town makes the fall foliage that much prettier ♥ Unexpected Surprises ♥ Anything Disney, especially Disney movies ♥ Getting lost and seeing new places unexpectedly ♥ Hugs ♥ White Christmases ♥ Strolling through flower gardens ♥ Waterfalls ♥ Where you are up and the rest of the word is sleeping and it’s you, your journal, and your thoughts that anything and everything can happen ♥ Road Trips to new places ♥ Seeing Family and Friends ♥ Long conversations about anything! ♥ Cuddling ♥ My career ♥ Working Out ♥ Beach Days ♥ Annapolis ♥ Starbucks ♥ Walks around my town ♥ Nature ♥ Seeing the sunrise or the sunset ♥ Spontaneous moments when you think ‘Did I Really Just Do That? ‘ ♥ A sunny Spring day after the rain stops and you can play outside in the puddles ♥ People who don’t play mind games, or games in general ♥ Other Hopeless Romantics ♥ It’s all about the little things in life that people often forget…


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