What I Need From You…

What I need from you is an explanation and it should not be an excuse. What I need from you is communication and don’t hide anything from me, ever again.



What I need from you is support. I need support and not competition. I was never in a competition with you as the only thing I’ve ever done was support you in all the ways I knew how. My career is separate from yours because to me, divorce is not an option. I don’t want to be married to my career. I want to marry a wonderful man who supports my career. I’ll support your career till the ends of the Earth and back. I expect the same in return.




What I need from you is to talk to me about finances. We need to talk about money, so no fights happen between us again. We’ll set up a budget about our expenses, our needs, and our wants. We’ll create a budget and we need to stick to it. Again divorce is not an option. More than 50% of divorces happen because of finances!




What I need you is appreciation. Ways to show me appreciation is a simple thank you, wanting to spend time with me, making my favorite dessert, or picking up my favorite food/snack at our favorite restaurant, cooking dinner for me, having my coffee ready for me in the morning. I’m a hopeless romantic so anything you do will make me smile.




What I need from you is wanting to spend time with me on participating in hobbies that I like to do and I’ll return the favor. I’ll spend time with you on hobbies you like to do. Some hobbies of mine are painting, arts and crafts, cooking, baking, writing, blogging, attending sporting events or music festivals. You don’t have to spend time with me on every hobby I participate in, but just one will suffice. I’ll participate in any hobby of your liking that you want me to be involved in.




What I need from you is to allow me to be independent, to give me space when I need some, to go to the gym with me if we agree on it, communicate with me on our schedule and our finances so we can decide together if we can afford that schedule. Communication and money management is key to a successful relationship in my book.




The reason my parents are divorced because they couldn’t communicate and one of my parents couldn’t manage their money. I refuse to end up like my parents. Divorce is not an option.


What I need from you is acceptance. Accept me for how I am today, accept me for who I was in my past, and want to better my future by being what I spelled out in the previous paragraphs. Acceptance of who I am now and who I was before is key to loving me. Love my scars, my brokenness, my emotional state in the here and now; you’ll have my heart forever. Love me for me. I don’t know how to be anyone, but me. I’m not a fake and I do not put on a front. Please just accept me as I am and don’t try to change me. I just hope you make me what to become a better person.




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