Soup and my Oddities

If I was forced to wear a warning label mine could say a multitude of things, expressions, and advice.

First, I don’t do soup. I’m seriously the weirdest person on Earth because soup makes my skin crawl. I never had soup a day in my life and I will never have soup. I think it’s so weird! Is it a food, is it a drink? Just like  a smoothie bowl. A smoothie is a drink that goes into a cup once it’s finished mixing. Why put it in a bowl just to waste time sitting down to eat it? Liquid and solid food together…? No! No! No! #Ican’t


Second, I drink my coffee black. No cream, no sugar, nothing, just black. However, sometimes during the summer when I get an afternoon pick me up coffee I like to it be iced coffee. But, the trick for me is to allow the coffee to cool down for about 10 minutes in the fridge, so when I put my ice in it, the ice doesn’t melt and dilute my coffee. I like to coffee black and strong. Not watered down coffee where I have some coffee and some water. When I tell this to people, they don’t allow the coffee to cool down and they immediately put ice in it because they hear or know I like ice coffee during the summer. Most of the time, I just tell them I’ll make it myself. I don’t know what they think, but they are probably thinking I’m high maintenance, crazy, or unappreciative. Yet, that is fine in my book because I like what I like. When I make your coffee I always make sure it’s to their liking. Plus I’m a trained counselor! Active Listening is my job!


By the way, did you know that I love Disney? When I was a Resident Assistant in college all of my programs had a Disney aspect to it? Whether it was on the advertisement or the plates we were using for a program. There was always a Disney aspect to the program. Disney is my life and I’m sorry if you do not like it. I have a growing collection of Disney snow globes and Disney movies are my favorite movies. If you learn more about the plot behind the movie or really pay attention to the story line, you’ll notice and see things you haven’t before. My future husband needs to be okay with the fact Disney is my life… behind God through. It’s God, Disney, then him. Hope he can deal with that since Disney has been in my life more than him…


So my warning label would say ‘Disney Freak!’ ‘Don’t offer her soup!’ and ‘I’ll do my own coffee!’. Basically I can be a control freak at certain things,  but that’s me. I will never talk down on your likes and dislikes, so please don’t do the same in return. I’m the one living this life so please accept my personality traits because we all have something in our personality that is an oddity. #SorrynotSorry

What would your warning label say? If I had enough room of my forehead it would say ‘likes her things in a particular way’. They would have to find out or ask what that particular way is.

Peace and Love

XO Jenn


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