I Wish…

I wish for a different life where good always win and nice people come in first. I wish for a different life where I’m a skinner, prettier version of myself. Maybe then the pain won’t be so real. Just how I wish I’m put first in someone’s life instead of putting myself first in everything. How I wish someone would just talk to me about my past, present, and my future…


Oh how I wish I was someone’s first in their life. Where love comes out swinging, where someone puts me first, where they would go to the ends of the Earth just to be with me. How I wish someone shows me what true love is, the kind of love where you can’t eat, can’t sleep type of love. No matter what is going on in their life they make it known that they need you in their’s…


How I wish for a love that accepts my scars, my brokenness, but wants to better my future. A knight in shining armor, a love that throws me over his shoulder, kisses me like he’ll never see me again and shows how much he loves me. A love that will give me my freedom and independence, but never leaves me…

I wish I could go to the airport and buy an airplane ticket to the unknown. Arrive in Florida to go swimming with the dolphins. Where he’ll show up unexpectedly asking me for a second chance, I’ll give him one and he’ll give me a promise ring asking me to get back together…

Because unknowingly I think it’s the most romantic thing in the world…

I wish you communicated with me about Disney because a week  after you broke up with me I would have told you let’s hold off on Disney. Since I have to save up for an apartment because I’m moving out in June…


Wishing for a better tomorrow… as always




kisses on the peace sign fingers and love

XO Jenn


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