The Gemini in Me

How I understood myself is learning about astrology. I was never one of those people who read their horoscope every day or went to psychics, but I love learning about different horoscope signs. I’m a Gemini, but years ago when astrology was created scientists discovered the sun and moon change positions every 2,000 years. I was born June 20, 1988 by the books I’m a Gemini; however the sun and moon was in the sign of Taurus when  I was borned. I have some Taurus personality traits, but a lot more Gemini traits.

Below are some images that really speak me…



When I’m in love, I love that person in a personal way. I don’t love every boyfriend the same way; I love them in a personal way based on who they are and their personality.

It’s very true about communication. I can’t stand when another person cannot communicate with me or I’m always starting conversations. My mind is always going. I’m thinking about various possibilities, what ifs, and upcoming events all the time. My mind is truly always going. Geminis are very self-less. I rather spoil those around me than myself. Many people tell me to stop and save my money and half the time I listened, but I spoil them in a different way then. Holidays and birthdays are the worst! Family, friends, and boyfriends get a ton of presents and attention during those times. I literally need a budget of $1,000 to cover all the shopping and preparation!

Geminis are talkative, but we decide who we will talk to. If we don’t know a certain person that well we will remain quiet. I don’t talk to someone I just met because I want to get to know them first and who they are before I start talking and this is because of… tumblr_nocislra301uuz2fto1_500

Therefore, I refuse to talk in front of someone I just met in fears of offending them.  Hence the photo to the right… ——————->

I love being by myself with just my other half, my thoughts, and my journal, but the icing on the cake would be if I had others around me. I love to be around a lot of people; just as long as they are not bothering me. Maybe it’s because I love to bounce around ideas back and forth between others…? Plus a determined Gemini will do what they want… try to stop them. You won’t be able to.

My family thinks I’m crazy sometimes because I can be seen talking to myself and laughing at nothing in general. I can entertain myself for days on end and that’s why a lot of people think I’m crazy.

Family, friends, boyfriends, ex boyfriends are people you don’t talk about or touch in an abusive negative way. They are in my life for a reason or they were in my life for a reason. No one but me and God can talk about them.

Past arguments should never be bought up again or else I’ll get really upset and mad. What is done and what is said is literally done and said. Don’t bring it back up. The past is the past and it is going to stay there.

We get bored easy. We have our guard up in everything in life. Only a few people know about my personality, my past, and my dreams. My sister just found a little bit about my past a couple days ago. I don’t trust anyone with my deepest secrets. Until there is a commitment made in terms of marriage, you’ll only know a few secrets of my past, but my friends almost know everything about me and my past. They will never hurt me the way ex boyfriends can hurt you.

YES! Go to bed at 4:30am wake up at 7am… YES! Very true… YES! This one annoys people the most…

I can continue going on with different images, but I wouldn’t be able to stop. The ones posted our me to a tee.

As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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