Week 4 Check In: Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Everything Healthy

I started my weight loss journey being 144.3 pounds. Then I went down to 143.2 pounds and on Wednesday’s weigh I was 142.1 pounds. I’m slowly but surely getting there! My target goal for the end of December is 135.0 pounds. It’s going to be hard, but I know I can do it!6ad036ce197e35c7be53c5884d9d1c89

I stuck with my gym schedule this week, which I’m really excited about. I hated eating after 7pm because I didn’t feel good the next day, but I’m not going to eat after 7pm. I’m also going to try not having any starches after 2pm. Therefore, no pasta, bread, crackers, cereal, or anything involving carbs after 2pm because you won’t be able to burn them. They will just sit in your stomach making it hard to digest, which can lead to weight gain.  So goals to my new journey to a fitter life is no eating after 7pm and no starches after 2pm. No eating after 7pm is easy for me since I go to bed at 9pm anyway!

Waking up at 6am is easy to do. My body has always been used to walking up early. I can never really sleep in on Saturdays. I work Monday-Friday and Sunday, so I have an alarm for those days. Saturdays I don’t have an alarm, but yesterday I woke up at 6:30am! Where I live near Philly, the fall/winter season has been mild. When the snow starts coming and it becomes really cold now that the real test!


Yesterday, I spent almost 3 hours preparing my meals for the week. I cut up the broccoli for my dinner, cooked chicken to add to my salad, cut up the lettuce for those said salads, and prepared waffle batter for my perfect fit waffles! I will be prepared for this upcoming work week! I use plant protein, which is made for a woman’s body, from The Vitamin Shoppe. They normally have buy one get one half off specials, so I use the vanilla and chocolate powders of these.

4780c29758a50cf4ef2428bdff8de532Marisa Miller is my fitness role model. I also have a huge girl crush on her!

I signed up for the Tone It Up challenge that will start on January 1, 2016. They partnered with Self magazine on this challenge. You should join the challenge with me!

My December goals:

  1. Stick to my gym schedule
  2. Continue working on my budget and stick to it
  3. Continue applying for a full time job


Follow my journey to a fitter life!

As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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