Don’t Burst My Bubble

Today at work I told the mom of my client that I was going to start taking yoga teacher training in March 2016. She didn’t believe in yoga because it conflicts with her religion because it is Eastern Meditation. That is what she said to me, but she quoted the ‘Eastern Meditation’ words. She knows I’m a Christian and she thinks I’m making a huge mistake by going forth with the teacher training.


She started asking if I woud consider getting a job at Michaels or AC Moore because I like arts and crafts. I never considered applying for a job there because I have a MS in Counseling and that’s not part of my career plans.  She basically threw up and stepped all over my dreams. I’m sorry, but this is my life, my career, and you have no idea why I want to become a yoga instructor. If you can’t support my dreams, please don’t crush them.

Yoga literally saved my life more times than I can count. Yoga and music saved me from myself. From all the darkest moments in my life when I was at my lowest music was there to get me there to the next day. From when I couldn’t take it anymore of my house, when I couldn’t take life anymore, music saved me.


I started taking yoga in freshman year of college. It helped me heal from my past, what was going on in my present, and helped me look forward to a better tomorrow. I was able to appreciate my body and all the things it was capable of. Slowly, but surely I was taking yoga classes almost daily. I then started walking a mile every other day as well. I started to see the light in the darkest hole I ever seen. I saw a bright future for me, myself, and my career.

I’m thankful for yoga and music. No one will understand the value of the two unless they lived in my shoes. This is why I became a counselor in hopes one day soon I’ll become a creative arts counselor. Becoming a yoga instructor will help those who were in my shoes because no one should feel the way I felt. Through yoga you can appreciate your body and your life by understanding the process of yoga and the meditation behind it. Becoming a creative arts counselor will help others express their feelings/emotions through song writing, dancing, singing, and any other type of fine arts possible.


Everyone has a story. Everyone is unique. No one client will have the same story or life. This is why I want my counseling to be tailored to that client I’m currently working with.

Yoga and Music. The two constant in my life. They never left me and I’ll never leave them.


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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