Week 5 Check In: Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Everything Healthy

I love the old ladies at my gym. They will work around the women’s locker room naked and they do not care. It so freeing!

You know what I also love is HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training. My favorite HIIT is from the Tone It Up’s Love Your Body series called Love Your Body HIIT. I am currently doing HIIT everyday with my regular gym routine as well. Tone It Up has so many different HIIT videos ranging from 7 minutes to 30 minutes. My favorite is only 20 minutes and I pair it up with arms or abs afterwards. You can find the workout below ⇓


This past Tuesday, I forgot to charge my phone and my phone is my alarm clock so needless to say I did not wake up in time for yoga. I was up around 6ish, but didn’t realize I never charged my phone so when I finally got out of bed it was 6:53am and yoga starts at 7am. Oh well! I went off to work because I had to drop Cam off at school that morning and went to the gym afterwards. I took a HIIT inspired boot camp class that had my sweating all over! It was AWESOME!! I’m going to add that to my gym schedule now. So every other Tuesday will be yoga and the next Tuesday will be boot camp.

I’m starting to see some definition in my legs, abs, back, arms/shoulders. I cannot wait till the end of December to see how my body looks and feels. But I am feeling great! I have control over my family’s Christmas Eve party and food, so you can believe I will be taking recipes from Tone It Up’s IMG_0648

holiday special nutrition plan. They developed the plan just for the holiday season, since food and drinks are always being served by the fistfull at holiday parties and different gatherings. Tone It Up and their nutrition plan changed my life for the better. I seriously recommend it to anyone who is looking to lose weight, maintain it, or just live a healthy lifestyle overall.

Not only are we all so busy during this time of the year, not many take time for themselves because they are taking care of others. You will feel better about yourself, have a boost in your confidence, and still be able to take care of your loved ones if you put yourself first in all things. I’m a helper, I’m in the helping profession and I spoil everyone around me with love, attention, and my cooking. It took me a lifetime and a half to realize I’ll be better helper, friend, family member, student, whatever the label is if I take care of myself first.


It is okay if you put yourself first. You are not being greedy, trust me. You’ll be a more happier and positive person once you put yourself first.

I’m still working on my December goals, which are…

  1. Stick with my gym schedule
  2. Continue working on my budget and sticking to it
  3. Continue applying for a full time job

I’m also adding different fitness classes to my gym schedule. I think for the rest of December I’m going to do a different HIIT workout daily. I believe if I do that, my goal of 135 pounds by the end of December will become a reality.


Follow me on my fitness journey!

As Always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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