My Mom

This morning, I told my mom about what happened last night at my client’s mom’s house. I told her all about the emotional and mental abuse she put me through. How she used me as a punching bag to take her aggression out on me. She was really supportive of me. For what I feel was the first time in a while. I was actually afraid to tell her because normally she would be disappointed in me and ask me what I did.


I ended up quitting that job and sending the mom and the company my resignation letter. Now I only have two part time jobs, which is completely fine with me because I have my weekends back! For the longest time I worked on weekends, but not anymore and I’m ecstatic!

However, before I sent my resignation letter my mom was like are you sure? Think about the money…? Yes, I’m sure. I’d rather have my happiness, my healthy mental and emotional well-being, my life back…


My mom actually called her up to see exactly why she did what she did. She had my back and it felt great. She actually hung up on my mom and had the audacity to text and e-mail me to discuss my schedule for my upcoming shifts.

Is she out of her F-ING mind?! I haven’t felt that type of love and support from my mom in a long time and it felt great. This was a step in the right direction for our relationship and it can only get better from here.

Thanks mom. I owe you one.


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love

XO Jenn


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