December Goals Update

My December Goals:

  1. Stick to my gym schedule
  2. Continue working on budget
  3. Continue applying for full time job

So I didn’t exactly keep number one, but when I didn’t go to the gym I ate super healthy. Atleast I think so… I didn’t go off the deep end and ate a lot of carbs during the day or binge on a gallon of ice cream.

I did make a budget binder! I made it personal to my circumstances, but drew inspiration from Sweet Paper Trail. I found her blog through Pinterest.

Here’s my budget binder:

I bought everything in the binder at Staples. I had an empty binder at home, so that was one less expense. I bought the 8 section binder tabs, graph paper, and three pocket folders. The section are split up in Bills, Budget, Debt, Savings, Accounts, Expenses, Receipts, and Cash Envelopes.

  • The Bills section is all my bills that I am in charge of. I have the bill name, due date, is it automatic or not, and if it was paid. This allows me to see how much is going out and what is coming in so I go see if I’m living within my means.
  • The Monthly Budget section is all the bills I’m in charge of and the amount. Another section that allows me to see if I’m living within my means. In this section I have how much money I need to take out each paycheck.
    • $20/Food
    • $20/Gas
    • $20/Personal Maintenance
    • $20/Gym
    • $20/Money for the week. (I use this money if I want to get something out of the ordinary. If I want to treat myself to Dunkin Donuts or to Panera Bread. Once the money’s gone, it’s gone until the following week.)
    • $50/Weekend
      • I take this money out on payday and put the appropriate amount of money in the Cash Envelopes in Section 8 of the binder.
  • Debt Payoff section is see how much debt you paid off and how much farther you need to go. This isn’t a section to upset you, but to see how far you came from month to month. I know willpower can get the best of you from time to time.
  • Savings section is to see how much saving you have currently and what steps you need to take to get you where you want to be in terms of savings.
  •  Accounts section is all your passwords and login information to all the accounts you are in charge of.
  • Expenses section is just like how you balance your checkbook. I don’t really use this section because I carry $20 around for the week to treat myself to something out of the ordinary. However, if an emergency happened like your car needed a new tire or your glasses broke, this is where you’d record that transaction.
  • Section 8 is where I keep my cash envelopes.
    • Gas envelope
    • Food envelope
    • Church envelope
    • Personal Maintenance envelope
    • Weekend envelope
    • Medical envelope
    • Date Night envelope
    • Want envelope
      • In my want envelope, I have $200 for a new grill and I’m saving up money to start Yoga Teacher Trainer in March 2016.

Goal three accomplished! I got a full time job where I start on January 4th. It’s with Ashfield Commercial and Medical Services in Ivyland, PA. My title will be Healthcare Coordinator, but I’m more like a Customer Service Representative. I’ll be answering phone calls from different people inquiring about medical devices and medicine.

Although it is not in my field, I took it because I really want to work for a suicide hotline or a similar crisis intervention hotline. I’m super comfortable talking on the phone to whoever, but I can’t be at work talking to strangers and have an f bomb fly out! I really want to do well at this new job and I’m super excited to start working there!

Hmm. now what should January’s goals be…?



As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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