2016 Yearly Goals

Besides setting monthly goals, which are more short term goals, I also like to set yearly goals, which are long term goals. A short term goal is a goal that can be completed in a short period time. A long term goal is a goal that can be completed over a longer period of time. For example, short term goals can be achieved in a month or two where long term goals can be completed over a six months or longer period.

Read more about setting short and long terms goals here. Check out my 2016 yearly goals!


  • Goal 1: Get out of bad debt, which is credit card debt and car loan debt.
    • I have a monthly goal of getting out of credit card debt that has a deadline of February 7th.

  • Goal 2: Move into my own apartment.
    • Friends and I are going to tour different apartment complexes in April close to Ivyland, PA.
    • I have to research complexes close to my work and see if it is in my budget.
    • I have to research articles on how to budget and save money to move out so I don’t go back into debt.

  • Goal 3:  Lose 8 pounds.
    • I have a monthly goal of losing 5 pounds by February 14th.
    • With my new work schedule, I didn’t want to set a far out there goal that would be too hard for me to obtain. If I lose more than 8 pounds this year, I’ll be ecstatic!
    • I believe I can lose 15 pounds this year, but don’t want to get myself down if I don’t reach the goal.

  • Goal 4: Complete two adventures from the Relationship Bucket List.
    • Since I’m watching my budget and saving up to get out of debt and move out, I’ll be completing the ones that are not as expensive as some of the other ones.
    • Some adventures I’m thinking about completing:
      • 14. Go Standup Paddleboarding
      • 18. Go to a Cooking Class
      • 22. Complete a 5K
      • 39. Go on a Progressive Dinner
      • 45. Go to Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
      • 47. Tour Troeg’s Brewery


Once I start work on Monday and figure out my monthly budget, it will be easier to figure out what adventures I can afford.


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and safe a New Year!

As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn



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