Thursday: Relationship Bucket List Revisted

I got a new job. With benefits. 40 hour workweek with the possibility of overtime. Will start to receive Paid Time Off (PTO) April 4, 2016. I’m starting Yoga Teacher Training in March, which means two days out of the month I cannot work a certain shift because of the training, until December. I really like this job and do not want to step on people’s toes therefore there are certain Relationship Bucket List items I originally planned to do I cannot do anymore.

In my 2016 Yearly Goals original post, I wanted to complete at least two items on the bucket list. I still really want to complete the Diva Dash in September down in Washington D.C. with friends. However, I already submitted a PTO form for my birthday weekend, which is June 17-20. I don’t want to submit another one too soon because I’m honestly afraid of getting in trouble. Did I mention I really like this job?

Currently, I get my work schedule weekly until I’m fully trained. I don’t think I’ll be fully trained until Friday, January 22nd. Until then each day is up in the air; however they started making February’s work schedule and I will know my work schedule for the month by January 28th.

I do have a work one weekend a month whether that be Saturday or Sunday. However, Sunday is very rare they say and I believe that. With the anticipation of my birthday weekend PTO being approved, I can complete certain bucket list items. For example, I want to spend my birthday weekend in New York at the wineries. I never spent a weekend in New York. I can add a state to #28, which is spend a weekend in each 50 states. I can possible make my own wine, go paddleboarding depending on the area, or visit various caves.

So far, my birthday weekend is the thing I’m focusing on at work in regards to PTO. When I’m fully trained at work and see what weekends I have off that’s when I can schedule other Relationship Bucket List items in accordance to my schedule and finances.


However, I need your guys help! Did you ever go to New York to visit the wineries? How did you like it? What area(s) did you go to? Help help help!!! Where should I go????


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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