Terrible Tuesday: New Chapter

When I started the blog, I was in a dark place filled with anger and hurt. Like a turning of a new page, with 2016 there is a turning of a new chapter. This is why I changed the layout of the site.

The last layout was too dark; too depressing; too sad; too negative. I wanted a new layout that was bring, happy, inspiring, like the start of a new day. Where anything is possible, a turning of a new leaf, the start of a new chapter.

It’s the start of my new chapter…

  • Where I have a regular work schedule with benefits…
  • Where I study for the NCE so I can take it come April….
  • Where I’m working on my career where I’ll become a certified counselor and a yoga therapist by the end of the year…
  • Where I’m growing up and moving out of my mother’s house…
  • Where I’m taking responsibly for my own actions in and out of work…
  • Where hopefully I own my company by the end of 2016… but we’ll see…

I have nothing but high hopes and positivity for a future that can only be full of happiness. Cheers to a better future! For me and all of us!!


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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