Finally Friday: Girlfriends

How awesome is it to finally have a group of girls that have like minded lives and goals that you can call friends. Whether they are single, engaged, married, older, younger, with children, without children… it doesn’t matter because we all have a common goal in mind.

A couple Fridays ago, I met some amazing people who I never met before. Now when I’m around new people I don’t talk or open up because that’s what Geminis do. Each Gemini is different, but I run on inappropriate thoughts and caffeine. I don’t need to be judged by those who do not know me. After a half hour of just sitting and listening to others, I finally got the courage to  start talking to the likeminded ladies in the room.

I had a blast with these ladies and I have to thank Tone It Up for them. We met through a TIU Philly event. We all are TIU members and live in or around Philadelphia. This event was a Pollyanna gift exchange event that occurred after the holidays. When we all have more time in our schedules.

After sharing glasses of wine and munching on delicious appetizers among each other, we ending up toasting to a lively night well spent. I’m glad I was able to meet like minded girlfriends who will become closer to me as friends every meet up I go to.

Things in life change, but when I know I have at least one girlfriend I can count on to be there for me I’ll be okay. Thank you, Karena and Katrina for allowing me to meet some of the most beautiful kindest ladies.

As always. kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn



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