Terrible Tuesday: Not So Terrible…

Last night, I was in the kitchen getting ready for tomorrow. Packing my lunch, putting on the coffee maker, eating the rest of my dinner when my mom walks in the kitchen wanting to talk. She told me about her afternoon with my niece and their trip to our local Hallmark. They were there picking up cards for Valentine’s Day when my mom started talking to a man and his son. They were also there to pick up Valentine’s Day cards and come gifts.

The man told mom that he also needed to pick up a birthday card for his wife. My mom being her nosy self asked the man when was his wife’s birthday and he responded by saying tomorrow, Groundhogs Day. My mom then exclaimed that it was her birthday tomorrow as well. Well that got the man up in a tanzy! He exclaimed that his wife hates being born on Groundhogs Day and never met anyone who was born on the same day. My mom told the man he can go home and tell his wife that he met another woman born on the same day!

Well mom Happy Birthday! I wish you have an amazing day. Hope work doesn’t pissed you off today. Hope your work treats you kind and brings in a cake or present for you on your special day.

Although, you showed me how to independent, how to rely on myself, how to be a strong woman, how to be a fighter; I hope I don’t turn out like you in the long run.

I learn through watching and observing. I hope to turn out like you when I become a mother, but trust me when I say things will be different when I have my own children. I will not be afraid to talk to them, to communicate with them, to tell them how much I love them…

I will be a proactive mother and get in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines. I will care for them when they need me just like you did when I was young, but I’ll have their backs because it never seemed like you had mine. I will teach them rights from wrongs instead of them going throughout life wondering what is right vs wrong, what is appropriate vs inappropriate. I will communicate with them and get to know them as a person and help them decide what they want to do in their lives and careers instead of wondering…

I will be a positive force in my children’s’ lives showing them how to be a model citizen.

Mom, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me in my life, but it’s time for me to go out on my own. I understand I’ll always going to be your baby, but I’m grown and have my own life to live.

Thank you and I love you… always and forever…



As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn



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