Motivation Monday: Silence is Golden

As a counselor, you have to be comfortable with silence. During a counseling session, sometimes you need silence during a session for the client’s well being. I was never comfortable with silence until recently.

I’m a quiet individual. I only talk when talked too. If I’m already engaged in a conversation with you or someone else, I may not stop. I’m a conversationalist. I hardy start conversations unless I need advice or have a question.

I had a boyfriend start a fight with me because I wasn’t talking and apparently looked miserable. No one can tell me what they think I feel or what emotion I’m experiencing in. My mind races a 1,00o times a minutes.


I’ve always had a serious look on my face. My family told me growing up I would stare a leaf with a serious look, a quizzical look and they always would wonder what I was thinking. Why does the leaf look this way? Why is the leaf on the ground instead of on the tree? Why is the leaf green and why does it change colors?


I’m a quiet individual. I notice more than others think. I listen more than I talk. I know the solution before the problem exist. I refuse to let the past repeat itself. If you don’t like my ENFJ personality type, please move along. If you’re not comfortable with my quiet nature or uncomfortable with silence, move along…


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Silence is Golden

  1. I’m a gemini, too! However, my “shyness” only comes out in new experiences. One someone makes the approach, GOOD LUCK getting me to stop talking! LOL.

    On a serious note, I am glad that you’ve learned to appreciate the “awkward silences” and how to say “Peace out” when someone can’t accept who you are.


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