Being A Visionary

Visionary leaders led because they know where they are going. They can communicate to those clearly because they see the big picture.

Leaders have an amazing ability to stay focus on the bigger picture. For me, is to own my own company. A company that incorporates healing through counseling, music, and yoga. A company where people of all ages feel safe to come to, to get away from the mundane or their abusive households. A company that makes a difference. A company where people work for a cause; a cause bigger than themselves. A company that builds people’s self-esteem and leaves a lasting legacy.

I’ve always had a vision of being successful in all areas of my life. A vision of being successful in the workplace and on the homefront. A successful mother and wife who can balance her career and her family life. A vision of having and owning my own company, a vision and owning my own a successful company, a vision of having a loving husband who’s a great father to our children, a successful marriage and career.

I’m creating my vision slowly. As Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will be my company be built in a day. I already have my MS in counseling. I already submitted the registration process to take the NCE, currently going through  yoga teacher trainer…

I’m slowly building my Rome…


As always, kisses on the peace sign fingers and love…

XO Jenn


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