Beauty Sleep Duo

I recently became a Neal Yard’s Remedy Organic consultant. NYR Organic is a natural, safe, and ethical company that produces various products that are organic, non-gmo, and fair trade. NYR Organic’s headquarters are in the UK, Convent Garden in central London to be exact.

You can only get products from NYR Organic through consultants, like myself, in the United States. I will never market a product I don’t believe in nor use. I’m about living a healthy lifestyle that includes working out and eating clean. I don’t believe putting anything that was made in a laboratory on my skin or in my body.

From today until the end of August, Beauty Sleep duo is on “sale.” Spend $60 and receive the Beauty Sleep Concentrate and Beauty Sleep Body Butter for $50.  An $89 value and saving $39.

I use the Beauty Sleep Concentrate after toning before bed. I have combination skin, which means my t-zone is oily while the rest is dry. I use the Purifying Palmarosa skincare kit. My skin looks and feels so much better now!

Check out this and the rest of what NYR has to offer—>


Peace and Love —> Jenn


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