Update on Solidarity Run

It was muggy. It was sweaty. It was buggy. It was disgusting outside. It was EPIC!

Hundreds of people, woman, man, child, animal, came out to the 3 mile run or 1 mile walk. Fox News and NBC News was there interviewing people. It was a huge event for someone I don’t even know. There may have been walkers or runners who knew the individual who was sexually assaulted in BROAD DAYLIGHT, but I didn’t. The reason I tracked my way to a place a half hour away was because I stand with ALL women.

This disgusting event shined light on something that is horrible. Good always win. We turned this event into something that is positive; we shined light on the event. We informed people today who may not have known about the event or the reason why it was held. I will always do something when needed. This is why I ran for a stranger with strangers.

Picture Below are the Organizers of the event.

Event sponsored by Victim Services Center of Montgomery County, Inc.

To donate: http://www.victimservicescenter.org/donate


They annually host a 5k run / walk event at Norristown Farm Park for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Tentative date is April 14, 2018. For more details, follow Victim Services of Montgomery County, Inc.  on Facebook.


I’ll see you at the starting line—> Peace and Love—> Jenn


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