I am Single

I am Single, but I’m not ready to mingle. Starting a relationship now is far from my mind. I rather enter the lion’s den than date another man child. I’m going to be selfish with my time, money, and energy. I’m going to focus on me and my career. There are many things I need to do before settling down with whoever is supposed to be my “soulmate”?! I mean, is this notion of “soulmates” every relevant?!

Become a LPC, get out of debt, and more out of my mom’s house are the top three main concerns of mine than worrying about if the bastard child’s coffee is to his liking. Do I want to get married? My first thought is “Hell No!”, but honestly if the right guy comes along I’ll give him a chance. Do I want kids? I’d rather cut my pinkie finger off than have kids. I’d rather foster and then adopt the children already in the state system. If miraculously I conceive a baby then I have no choice to birth it and give it a better life.

The reason I feel so strongly about marriage and children is because my life sucked as a result from my parents marriage and how they treated their children while raising us. If you’re wondering about the child in my profile picture that is my niece. I’m a much better aunt than a mom because I can give them back when I’m done. I’d rather foster then adopt from the system because I know what it feels like not be wanted. Imagine your father and past relationships choosing alcohol over their daughter or girlfriend?

I’m very much on the fence with marriage. I’m only 29 years old, but still have so much life to live. Dating is exhausting, the online dating shit is a scam and I’m just mentally done with guys. As I say to my friends this bastard child needs to be special if he wants to infiltrate my life. And those same friends “you’ll make a great mom!” and I respond with find me a guy who can put up with all of this.

As you see from this post, I’m not mentally ready to date. I’m apologetically saving my time, my money, my energy to myself. Working on myself so when that right guy comes along I’ll be ready for the next adventure. And if some guy ask why you’re still single, simply respond with I’m enjoying my time working on myself so I’m prepared for when he does come into my life. The guy who asked you why you’re still single just wants to know if you have any baggage… #justsaying


See you at the wedding, if it happens,—> Peace and Love—> Jenn


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