8 5ks and counting

This is a post I’d never thought I would write. I hated running for the longest time then one day I did a run/walk combo and fell in love with running. A girl who mainly did the elliptical at the gym is now running on the dreadmill. In rain, snow, or humidity, you’ll find me outside running. I love running outside as much as possible.

As part of the Relationship Bucket List, number 22, Run a 5k and the Boston Marathon, was running a 5k together. Since I ran my first one I’ve been hooked ever since. Below is the list of the 5ks I ran from when I started the blog to today.

  1. Night Nation Run
    1. Charity: Stand Up to Cancer
    2. Outcome: I ran with one of my runny buddy and it was so much fun! We attended the after party at Xfinity Live where we enjoyed craft beers and brink oven pizza.
    3. night nation run
  2. The Color Run
    1. Charity: Back on my Feet
    2. Outcome: I hated running after this. I arrived around 9am. Didn’t get out on the course until 10:30. Didn’t finish until 11:30-11:45am. Was hot and humid. I wanted to died. I didn’t do any type of running until mid September because I HATED running after this. WILL NEVER DO THIS 5K AGAIN.
    3. the color run
  3. Run Now, Wine Later
    1. Charity: The Bucks County Playhouse
    2. Outcome: LOVED!!! The course was through historic New Hope. The houses were beautiful and the town had a historic charm to it. I met a #TIUGirl there who ran with me and she immediately was very kind and welcoming. She’s such an inspiration to me. A friend from New Jersey met me there for lunch because it’s halfway between Philly and NJ. It was a great race in a gorgeous town.
    3. img_3348
  4. Shamrock Shuffle
    1. Charity: Green Parrot Restaurant and Pub (I’m not sure if this is the charity for this race, but was told it was)
    2. Outcome: Ummm… on the fence with this one. My friend and her then boyfriend ran it together. I met up with them after the 5k was over. It was awkward to say the least.
    3. shamrock shuffle
  5. The Hot Chocolate Run
    1. Ronald McDonald House
    2. Outcome: If I do this race again it’s going to be the 15k because I’m not waking up at no 5am just to get down there by 7am for the 5k. I love the look on my face.
    3. 17817615_196578804181014_6193526656842334208_n
  6. The Hard Cider Run/The Hungry Apple
    1. Charity: Several charities through their volunteer program
    2. Outcome: SO MUCH FUN! I was staying over another #TIUGirl house for the weekend to do this race. It was up in Gettysburg. The race itself was on a winery trail, but the weather that weekend was horrible. It rained the night before and that morning of. It was muddy. It was soggy. But it was fun! I walked for a good portion of it because my feet were dragging me down. But the ladies I ran with kept reminding me “No Runner Left Behind.”
    3. The Hard Cider certificate
  7. The Great Inflatable
    1. Charity: Ryan’s Case for Smiles
    2. Outcome: This I did on my own. I felt it was very unorganized. I was in the 8:30am wave, but because of the weather we didn’t start till close to 10am. I walked the whole thing almost because it was in a community park and it poured the day before. It was very muddy. My shoes and socks were socked from the puddles. Let’s just say I’m glad I bought a change of clothes and shoes. I don’t think I’ll do this one again.
    3. 18809169_118612255406338_150587845524848640_n(1)
  8. Insane Inflatable
    1. Charity: American Cancer Society
    2. Outcome: I had so much fun! It was a complete body workout. The inflatables were far enough from each other that if we were about to take a break in between each. The inflatables were part of the workout too! It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year!
    3. insane inflatable


My next #5k isn’t until September 9th. My runny buddies and I are already training for it doing speed work and cross training.


See you at the starting line—> Peace and Love —> Jenn


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