Bubble Run 5k

I’m running the Bubble Run 5k on Saturday, September 9th. It’s not really a race to be competitive in. It’s all about fun, which is what I expect in any race I run. I’m not into numbers, pace, or how many miles I can run. Too me, it’s all about fun and having a good time.

Want to get in on the fun? Check this out!

Want to know what the race is about? If you’ve done a traditional 5K, you know they can be a bit lackluster. But the BUBBLE RUN™ is like running through Willy Wonkas’ factory. Clad in white t-shirts, adults, kids and strollers run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles of absolute fun!
Waves start every 3-5 minutes. Then, at each kilometer, participants will run through the Foam Bogs where there is enough colored foam to cover you from head to toe!
Bubble-teers and charity partners will also be there to help make sure you get your share of the frothy goodness. Each of the four Foam Bogs are represented by different colored foam. So what if you should accidentally “taste the whimsey?” They don’t taste as great as they are fun, but not to worry. The foam is 100% safe.

Sounds fun? Want to run with me? Only $20…

They are still looking for a charity to support. Want to suggest one? They may even pick it.

Hope to see you through the bubbly goodness—> Peace and Love —> Jenn



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