Being ok with Single Status

I hear a lot of people, even friends, say that aren’t comfortable with the single status. I never felt that way before because I had to make it work for me. When my sisters were born, I was a year and a half old. Since then I pretty much did everything I wanted to do by myself.

After my one sister was released from the hospital, we would do a lot together. However, she has cerebral palsy, and where we were living at the time we couldn’t do much. Before we moved, we attended various Vacation Bible Schools during the summer and play in our backyard pool. We would have friends over on the weekend during this time. When back to school time came around ever weekend I was shipped off to some CYO sport in the morning, afternoon was at the house playing games or watching TV.

However, as you move around, either for school or a job, and getting older being single can suck sometimes. Of course, you have your friends who will be there for you no matter what, but sometimes you need a man or a woman in your life. Know what I’m saying? Your friends will always be your friends, but they can’t give you that romantic love that every human is longing for. Your friends were there for you during your last breakup. They listened to whatever that asshole did to you, said to you, or made you think. They were that barstool next to you when your ex cheated on you during your relationship with her ex. They are there to pick us up when we can’t go on anymore. They are our saving grace.

Being okay with the single status can only last so long. It took me close to two years to be okay with my current single status. During that time of bereavement, make sure you have positive supportive people around you. These are the people who will help you grieve in a positive way. I had to grieve my ex’s death in order to get over it. I took a grief recovery certification course in December, 2016. Sounds weird, but it worked. Hell, I had to grieve my mom’s death too!

If you recently got out of a relationship, from experience, allow yourself to heal. Continue going through your daily life, but don’t become a hermit. It’ll take a lot to get out of bed or continue your daily routine, even harder if you have depression, but you have to do this for yourself! What I did doing my breakup, I started this blog, blogged regularly, cried whenever and wherever I was, continued going to work, exercised regularly, but I told the story of my breakup to my new coworkers and they helped tremendously.

We all have similar experiences. We all have the need to be loved and to love others. Love yourself during this time of grieving. Don’t go out on dates too soon after a breakup. It’s not going to end well. They are called rebound relationships for a reason. Hang out with positive people who will lift your life up. Exercise. Go to church. Your church family will pray for you and lift you up like no other. Continue volunteering if you were already doing it. Or start volunteering for a cause near to your heart. I did! I volunteered with my church’s youth group. But whatever you do, remember this is temporary pain and won’t last. Time will heal your wounds and you’ll come back even stronger!


See you in the back pew—> Peace and Love —> Jenn



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