What Do I Do Now That I’m Single?

As I’m sitting here, I’m pretty much thinking the same thing you’ll probably thinking, “What do I do with myself now that I’m single?” A lot of friends say that they don’t know what to do with themselves now that their calendar is wide open. They had plans with their ex this upcoming weekend before he/she broke up with you. You had plans scheduled for next month with them before they broke up with you. You had plans scheduled the next year before they broke up with you!

I remember this scenario all to well when the ex broke up with me. We both worked part time status at different jobs, so Groupon and Living Social were our go-to entertainment guide for inexpensive activities.

So you may be fresh off a break-up or divorced from your ex for several years now, but still not dating. Every break-up is unique and every person is unique. You may be a single mom or a single dad and have your children to worry about. That’s fine, but make sure you have time for yourself and when you’re ready to date. Try going to various single meet-ups in your area that is in the age range you’re looking for.

Drawing from my experience… this is what I did while tending to my break-up.

  • Volunteer. When you volunteer to a worthy cause bigger than yourself it gives you a reason to show up. Find your passion and reach out asking how you can help. I volunteered my time at the local ASPCA. If you loves animals as much as I do, check out your local ASPCA.
  • Journal about your break-up. It will bring up unresolved emotions, but it will help you recognize problems in your past relationship. Did you do or say something that undermined him/her? Did he/she say or do something that upset you, but didn’t bring it up?
  • Exercise, but don’t overdo it.
  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. I hung out with friends and my church family almost everyday. Venting, ranting, crying, everything they saw me at my worse and I thank God everyday for them.
  • Yoga and meditation. It was like food for the soul. If you’re new to meditation, I use Insight timer app. Free for Apple and Android devices.


What did you guys do when you experienced a break-up? I can learn something from you.

See you on the mat—> Peace and Love —> Jenn


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