Another Reason I Choose Singlehood

Since graduate school, I knew I wanted to become a grief counselor. I wanted to travel around helping those with whatever loss came to them at that time. I knew this was my calling when the 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado devastated the community. I want to be a counselor that travels to heal hurting souls. Another reason I chose to be single.

One day, I will own a counseling practice that combines the theories of counseling to heal the mind and yoga to heal the soul. I graduated from East Eagle Yoga in December 2016, but didn’t become a registered yoga teacher until February 2017.

Step 1 in my career: Graduate from graduate school with a Masters in Counseling  √

Step 2 in my career: Become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist √

Step 3 in my career: Become a registered Yoga teacher √

Step 4 in my career: Take the NCE as a starting point to become a LPC… working on it. This is where I’m at now.

However, I’m enjoying my time studying for the test while living a life a love. I have an amazing opportunity to become a work exchange student at Dana Hot Yoga. The owner was looking for someone who is dedicated to the yoga practice, commit to 3 nights a week for a minimum of 3 months. Learning from other yogis, yoga teachers, and owners of yoga studios.

I’m not sure if I would be able to do this if I had to worry about taking care of someone else. I truly am dedicating my time to work on me and my career. I’m loving it so far, and hopefully I can do the work exchange with the studio again in the future.

See you on the Mat—> Peace and Love—> Jenn


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