I Challenge You…

Take a solo vacation. Volunteer by yourself. Take yourself out to dinner. Don’t choose the bar to sit at. Sit at a table or booth. Notice your surroundings. Be kind to the waiter. Bring a book if you need to. Just don’t be on your phone. Go to a concert solo. If you’re like me, wait in line all day to get to the front of the line. Bring lunch and share with those around you. Rock in the mash pit if you want. Be safe. Don’t take drinks from strangers. Go to a festival solo. Stay overnight if possible. Be nice to people. Smile. Talk to those who are attending the festival. Living solo? Foster or rescue a cat or dog. Go to a bookstore. Find a chair. Read a couple magazines. A book. And finish it. Take a cruise solo. Take an Amtrak train vacation solo. Notice your surroundings. Tell a family member or friend where you’re going. Tell them when you’re leaving and when you should be back. After church, take yourself to brunch. Grab a to go cup of coffee. Walk wherever your heart leads you. Workout. Not for anyone, but yourself. Fall in with yourself. Workout to look good naked. Workout for your health. Workout to make your ex’s jealous. Workout to show you who’s boss. Attend an Open mic night event at your local coffee shop. Sing your heart at. Show the crowd your confidence. Run for a reason. Run a 5k. Party afterwards with the crowd. Go trick or treating. Dress up in the craziest costume you always wanted to be and go out there door to door like you did as a little kid. Throw caution to the wind. Go on a roadtrip. Wherever . your heart is pulling your towards. Find a local ice cream shop order whatever you want. Sit by the bay enjoying the breeze watching the boats go by. Notice your surroundings. What is making you smile right now? Learn how to cook pasta from scratch. Go to a cooking class solo. Remember the recipe so you can cook it later. Enjoy a glass of wine. Go on a wine trail weekend. Go to a wine festival. Pretend to be a wine connoisseur. Go to a ballgame solo. Go to a football game, basketball game and hockey game solo. Dress up to support that team. Make your outfit wildly obnoxious so they know what team you support. Get lost and find yourself ago. Choose to be hurt. Choose to be ridiculed. Choose yourself. Choose love. Choose to be different. Choose to be opinionated. Love as if there’s no tomorrow. Love like you never been hurt before. Love always wins. Good always wins. Have a backbone and say what’s on your mind. Be opinionated, but don’t be a bitch about. Be vulnerable. Open your heart to others. Tell anyone who’s willing to listen what’s on your mind. Cry. Pray on your knees. Whatever you do… make sure you’re your number one fan.


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