About Me!

My name is Jennifer. Born in raised in Delaware County, which is 20 minutes outside of Center City, Philadelphia. I am 27 years old, still love at home with my mom, two handicapped sisters, my niece, two dogs and two cats. My parents are divorced, but they get along quite well.

I started this blog when my boyfriend broke up with me. While we were dating, I would joke that we should make a relationship bucket list because both of us wanted to experience everything under the sun together. Within a couple weeks, he told me we should start the bucket list. I asked him if he was dead serious and he was, so I brought over all of my art supplies. He picked my favorite scrapbook to start this bucket list in. After spending a couple hours compiling ideas and writing down everything we came up with 50 ideas that made up our relationship bucket list.

After he broke up with me, I have the scrapbook and all of our momentos in a box that is currently in my trunk. I decided to start this blog as a homage to the list that we created as a couple. I am giving myself three years to complete the bucket list. During that time, I want to continue being single while working on myself, my career, and starting my own company.

While I am trying to complete the bucket list within three years, I have to remember to save money for the trips while still gaining financial independence, which is a goal of mine. I can’t live a lavish lifestyle, but that’s ok. I don’t need anything in my life. I have everything that I need.


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