My Relationship Bucket List

The Infamous Scrapbook
The Infamous Scrapbook

While the ex and I were dating, I would joke that we should add this to the relationship bucket list. One day, he told me that we should make a relationship bucket list. I was surprised, but we ended up making what is now the infamous relationship bucket list.

Below is the list:

  1. Become Regulars Somewhere
  2. Roadtrip USA
  3. Roadtrip Florida
  4. Visit Grand Canyon
  5. Visit Everglades
  6. Visit Niagara Falls (Canada Side)
  7. Vacation in Ireland
  8. Disney Cruise!
  9. Vacation in Italy
  10. Vacation in France
  11. Drive Route 66
  12. Go to Disneyworld, Epcot, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon!
  13. Rescue a Dog and a Cat
  14. Go Standup Paddleboarding
  15. Swimming with the Dolphins
  16. Go to Hawaii and Learn how to Surf
  17. Play Hookey from Work for a Three Day Weekend
  18. Go to a Cooking Class
  19. Visit Germany
  20. Go see the Lion King on Broadway in NYC
  21. Go Ice Skating in Central Park
  22. Complete a 5K and the Boston Marathon
  23. Go to ANY Outdoor Music Festival
  24. Go to a Boston Red Sox Game and a Celtics Game in Boston
  25. Visit Florida Keys
  26. Learn how to/ go Whitewater Rafting
  27. Own a Boat (This is definitely going to be hard!)
  28. Weekend in each 50 States (I already did PA, MD, VA, CT, FL, TN, NJ, DE)
  29. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  30. Go to Vegas Circus, Magic Show, and Win $$
  31. Go to an Ice Bar
  32. Visit Various Caves
  33. Visit Sam Adams Brewery (I already did this for my 24th birthday, but I don’t mind going again)
  34. Make our own wine
  35. Be Tourist in Philly (Completed!)
  36. Mardi Gras!!
  37. Memphis BBQ? Food Feast?
  38. Watch a Baseball Game at Wrigley Field and go on a Seadog Cruise
  39. Go on a Progressive Dinner
  40. Visit Mount Rushmore
  41. Visit NY and be in the GMA and Today Show crowd
  42. Go on a Wild Safari
  43. Go to a Taping of Steve Wilkos and Rachael Ray Show
  44. Go to Lancaster County and visit the National Christmas Center, Thorn Hill Vineyards, go candle shopping and go on a buggy ride
  45. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
  46. Visit Historic Salem, MA
  47. Tour Troeg’s Brewery
  48. NY: Museum of Moving Image and Kayaking
  49. NJ: Cattus Island County Park and Great Falls
  50. Get on the Kiss Cam at the Phillies!